Creating Self Sustaining Communities

Our vision is for women, youth and men in South African rural and township communities to be empowered to work with their inherent gifts and talents for social and economic transformation.

Empowering people to
realise their God given
values and engage with
their inherent gifts
and talents.

The organisation’s main objectives are to:

Mobilise poor people in rural and township communities for social and economic development through the Self Help Group concept. This shall be primarily achieved through community based Self Help Groups that will be facilitated by the organisation from phase 1 of developing groups to the second phase of creating clusters and the third phase of the Federation level. The Federation is a community based organisation spearheading a conducive environment for economic and social development initiatives out of poverty.

Facilitate Self Help Groups/Clusters/Federation in rural and township communities to become independent social and economic community functional institutions/entities through capacity building trainings, mentorship, investment and fundraising partnerships.

Support, through workshops, community based organisations and NGOs needing services such as initiating and facilitating Self Help Groups, strategic planning, effective administration, project management, fundraising strategies and management efficiency.

Facilitate, through workshops, business development with poor people in rural and township communities that are part of Self Help Groups or those needing training in entrepreneurship.

Our Background

Zimele Wethu Foundation is a non-profit organisation registered in South Africa. Zimele Wethu was founded on a passionate understanding that every person has inherent gifts and talents where if given the right environment they would participate in bettering their lives, that of others and their community at large. Zimele Wethu engages people on a journey to realise their self-worth, gifts, talents and resources for their development as individuals, groups and community.

South Africa is a country that suffered a history of apartheid which left a lot of scares. This has resulted into all forms of poverty, especially in the rural communities of the country. Despite efforts by the new government to reverse the divide between the rich and the poor, people are still far from championing opportunities presented. Zimele Wethu works with a concept that builds the poor people economically and socially, helping them to be set on an economic journey towards freedom from poverty and mobilizing them to become one powerful voice on matters that hinder their progress towards their development.